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Best pieces of my collection:
(updated: 14 Decmber 2013)

Alexander Marsh - Three Envelope Test
Alexander Marsh - Make Do and Mentalism

Alexander Nelson - Q&A 

Andy Nyman - Bulletproof

Annemann - The Life and Times of a Legend
Bill Montana - Bridge
Bill Montana - The Mental Magic of Bill Montana 
Bill Montana - Psyhic MotherFucker 
Bill Montana - Ideas for Mentalism v1  
Bill Montana - Phasmatic Opus
Bill Montana -The Conchologist of Conchomanteia
Bill Montana - Forcing Pendulum

Bob Cassidy - Resurrection of Dr. Crow
Bob Cassidy - Psychic of the Deep

Bascom Jones - Tips, Techniques&Money Making Secrets for the Professional Psychic v1,2,3,4,5
Bryan Reynolds - ESPnvelope

Colin McLeod - Zen 
Colin Mcleod - Facede

Chester Sass- 120% Chestosteron

Chris Hare - Star Finder 

Count Cashliostro - Alchmical Egyptian Writing Miracle

Docc Hilford - Hanussen Dossier
Docc Hilford - Eco Murder by Design
Docc Hilford - Secret of Perfect Paid Performances
Docc Hilford - The Egyptian Living Dead Q&A 
Docc Hilford - Golden Dragon
Docc Hilford - Scarlet Dragon
Docc Hilford - Secret Venues
Docc Hilford - Buodoir Card Reading + supplements 
Docc Hilford - Bachelor Pad

Doug Dyment - Ideopraxis
Doug Dyment - Zenermancy 
Doug Dyment - Tricyclic 
Doug Dyment - R2D2

Dale A. Hildebart - Red&Silver
Dale A. Hildebart - Hand Bluffs plus more stuff 

Felix Schellenberg - The Mati Envelope 

Jose Prager - Goats Grimore 

John Pyka - Theatrical Magic

Kennedy - Tell Tale Factor
Kennedy - E1

Luca Volpe - Emotional Mentalism 

Luke Jermay - Faith Healer 
Luke Jermay - Starting with the Fool (exclusive bonus to the Faith Healer)

Looch - SAD Night in Hamburg
Looch - 4.8  Minutes Lecture
Looch - Pocket Index Booklet
Looch - AREA booktest manuscript

Neal Scryer - Carnival of Secrets
Neal Scryer - Neal Scryer and Friends
Neal Scryer - Band of Readers  
Neal Scryer - 13

Nate Staniforth - The Lottery Ticket

Mystic Menagerie 2, 10, 12

Michael Murray - ATM! 

Peter Turner - Devil in Disguise DVD's
Peter Turner - Portugal Notes
Peter Turner - Devious Realities 
Peter Turner - Dare to be Bold 
Peter Turner - Bigger Fish
Peter Turner - Isabella Star
Peter Turner - Symhony of Silence
Peter Turner - Confabulation of Confabulation 
Peter Turner Interview

Paul Voodini - Midnight Side of the Mind vol:1&2  
Paul Voodini - Cold Reading Lecture notes  
Paul Voodini - ACAAN
Paul Voodini - Cathy Angel
Paul Voodini -  Luck of Love

Paul Brook - NIX4 
Paul Brook & Colin McLeod - This Way Up
Paul Brook - Two in the Bush

Paul Carnazzo - The lookout wallet video
Paul Carnazzo - T.W.O.

Paul Vigil - HCE  (1000$ manuscript)

Paul Romhany - Mental Epic Compedium

Richard OSterlind - Six-shooters

Ran Pink - The ZEN System
Ran Pink - Think Pink Complete Edition
Ran Pink - T-Rex book and video 

Steve Drury - Liber Mentis 

Scott Creaset - Number 5
Scott Creaset - My Q&A

Jheff - JE4

Jerome Finley - SOS 
Jerome Finley - The Farewell Book
Jerome Finley - Full Contact Mind Reading
Jerome Finley - Psychic Directions 
Jerome Finley - Forbidden Mentalism 
Jerome Finley - Psycho Spiritual Mentalism
Jerome Finley - Thought Channel 2
Jerome Finley - Professional Choice 2
Jerome Finley - Professional Choice 3
Jerome Finley - Thought Veil
Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A vol II

Ron Chavis - Words in the Sand 

Ted Karmilovich - Mother of All Book Test (ideal for e-book readers!!) 
Ted Karmilovich - MOAB 2 instruction

(if you have anyone from these few books below, write me immediately)

Paul Richards - Token
Paul Stockman - Psyclock
Chris Philpott - The 100th Monkey
Luke Jermay - Making Mind Reading Look Real

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Below my full list:

Alain Nu - Hardcore Mentalism
Alain Nu - Mind Over Matter
Alain Nu - Secrets and Realities
Alex Blade - Utopian Prediction
Alexander Marsh - Three Envelope Test
Alexander Marsh - Triptych
Allen Zingg - Billets, Naturally
Alpha - Doodle Clipboard v.2 by Kit Felgate
Alvo Stockman - Elixir of life
Alvo Stockman - Mix Tape
Anabelle - Erotic Seance
Anabelle - Seven Past Midnight
Andrew Edmonds - Janus Pad
Andy Nyman - Fight Dirty
Andy Nyman - Kosher Products Notes May 1999
Andy Nyman - Short, Punchy, and Mental
Anthony Black - O.O.B.E.

Banachek - Easy Effects
Banachek - How to read People's Minds
Banachek- PK Touches
Banachek - PreThoughts
Banachek - Psychokinetic Time
Banachek - Psychokinetic Touches
Banachek - Psychological Subtleties
Banachek - Psychological Subtleties 3
Banachek - Psychophysiological Thought Reading
Bascom Jones - Mindfield
Ben Harris - Silent Running
Bernstein - Mindvention 2005
Bill Cushman - Mirabill
Bill Cushman - Rhyme time Sublime
Bill Cushman - Suggestabilities
Bill Cushman - The Fource
Bill Cushmann - Mind Index
Bill Palmer - Booktest 2
Bob Cassidy - 2009 Lecture Notes
Bob Cassidy - 2010 Mindvention Lecture Notes
Bob Cassidy - A Journey Through the Fourth Dimension
Bob Cassidy - Logical Disconnect Post Notes
Bob Cassidy - Return of the White Dwarf
Bob Cassidy - Seance
Bob Cassidy - Swami-Tech
Bob Cassidy - The Invisible Billet
Bob Kohler - Human Phone Number
Borodin - Final Curtain
Borodin - Sheherazade
Borodin - The Cézanne Code
Brad Henderson - Satanic Book Test
Brad Henderson - The Dance
Brian Brushwood - The Professional Guide to Fire Eating
Brother Shadow - Have Seance Will Travel
Bruce Bernstein - 20 Effects For Psychic Entertainers
Bruce Bernstein - Centre Tear Technique
Bruce Bernstein - Classics
Bruce Bernstein - Going South With His Secrets
Bruce Bernstein - On Number Predictions
Bruce Bernstein - Perception Is Everything
Bruce Bernstein - Psych-Out
Bruce Bernstein - The lecture compendium
Bruce Bernstein - Three
Bryn Reynolds - Safwan Papers
Burling Volta Hull - The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism 1 
Burling Volta Hull - The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism 2 
Burling Volta Hull - The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism 3

C. L. Boarde - Mainly Mental Vol. 1 (Billets)
C. L. Bcarde - Mainly Mental Vol. 2 (Booktests)
C. L. Bcarde - Mainly Mental Vol. 3 (One Man Routines)
Carlos La Borde - Dreaming of Peace
Charles Cameron - Castle Dracula Mentalism
Charles Gauci - Reputation Makers
Christian Chelman - Capricornian Tales
Christian Chelman - Hauntiques
Christopher Taylor - Inside Out
Christopher Taylor - The Real Ghost
Christopher Taylor - Unconventional
Christopher Thronebury - Murder Mystery
Chuck Hickok - Mentalism Incorporated Vol 2
CIA Flaps and Seals Manual
Colin McLeod - ZEN
Cody Fisher - Killer Prediction
Cody Fisher-Comedy Confabulation

Daddy Corbuzier - Free Will
Dale A.Hildebrandt - Lunarcy
Daniel Madison - Primer
David Abbott - Behind the Scenes with the Mediums
David Devlin - Equivo-Lock
David Hoy' - Bold Book Test & Pocket Book Miracle
David Shuttleworth -100% Subliminal Force Technique
Dean Montalbano - Stark The Man and His Methods
Devin Knight - Blindfold Car
Devin Knight - Impossible Devination
Devin Knight - Knight to Remember 2011
Devin Knight - In the News
Devin Knight - Lecture Notes
Devin Knight - Three Mind Miracles
Devin Knight - Outta Sight
Devin Knight - Poker Tells - Watermarked
Devin Knight - Sanda Panda Mystery Box
Devin Knight - The Glass Box Revisited & Other Predictions
Devin Knight - Today Special

Docc Hilford - The Secrets Of Dr. Tao
Docc Hilford - The Star Tradeshow Act
Docc Hilford - The Wizard's Manual Doug Dyment - Mind Sights
Doug Dyment - On the Use of Playing Cards in Mentalism
Doug Dyment - Sign Language
Doug Dyment- Cold Front
Dr. Bill - Trybil

Eduardo Kozuch - ACAAN
Elliott J. Bresler - Switchcraft
Enrique Enriquez - Invisible Readings

Ford Kross - Suggestive mentalism

Gary Kurtz - Leading with your Head
Gary Kurtz - Misdirection
Gary Kurtz - Ultimate Chair Prediction Plus
Gary Shumpter - Shivers
Greg Arce - Cash out (pwxtrememagics)
Greg Arce - Clear Nite
Greg Arce - Deep Thought (password sneakthief)
Greg Arce - Hands of time
Greg Arce - Scorch (pw xtrememagics)
Greg Arce - The Freestyle BookTest
Greg Arce - Simple Minded

Herb Dewey - Mindblowing Psychic Readings
Herb Dewey - Psychobabble
Herb Dewey and Seville - King Of The Cold Readers
Herb Dewey and Thomas Seville - Red Hot Cold Readings

Ian Harling & Martin Nyrup - Sleight of Mind
Ian Rowland - Alpha Mentalism Lecture Notes
Ian Rowland - Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading
Ian Rowland - Lecture Notes (Blackpool 2007)
Ian Rowland - Sense of Touch

J.P. - Freeze
Jack Dean - The Equivoque Choice
Jack Galloway - Leap of Faith (Robert)
Jack Kent Tillar - ESP Fantasy Impromptu
Jack Kent Tillar - Memory Pill Act
Jack Kent Tillar - Quartet
Jack Kent Tillar - Quintet
Jack Kent Tillar - Sextet
Jack Kent Tillar-Solo
Jack Kent Tillar - That's Impossible!
Jack Kent Tillar - The Naked Mentalist
James Biss - Extremely Mental Tool Kit
James Biss - Impressionable Mind Board
James Biss - Knickerbocker
James Biss - Messing With Minds
Jas Jakutsch - Completely Mental - Vol 1
Jas Jakutsch - Completely Mental - Vol 2
Jas Jakutsch - Completely Mental - Vol 3
Jason Messina - Intelligent Design
Jason Messina - Method Impossible
Jason Messina - Tube
Jason Messina - Wi
Jay Crowe - Guru
Jay Crowe - The Game
Jeff Kaylor - The Kaylor Option
Jheff - JE4
Jheff - Ultimental
Jerome Finley - Guerilla QA
Jerome Finley - Random acts of kindness
Jerome Finley - T&R
Jerome Finley - Taboo Treatise
Jerome Finley - The Professionals Choice
Jerome Finley - Thought Channel
Jerome Finley - Thought Channel 2 Supplement
Jerome Finley - Thought Dial
Jon Thompson - Naked mentalism 1
Jon Thompson - Electronics for Magicians part 1
Jon Thompson - Electronics for Magicians part 2 part 1
Jon Thompson - Electronics for Magicians part 2 part 2
Jon Thompson - Spirit Pendulum 2
Jon Thompson - Devils Radio
Josh Zandman - Back to the Future
Josh Zandman - The Impromtu Book Test
Josh Zandman - Time Travel Manual
Jolyon Jenkins - Self-Lighting Candle
Jolyon Jenkins - Automatic Falling Frame
Jolyon Jenkins - Timed Falling Desk
Jolyon Jenkins - Radio Controlled Spirit Bell
Journal of the Mind - VI Issue- 3 - MAURICE FOGEL
Journal of the Mind - VI Issue- 4 - ALAIN NU
Journal of the Mind - VI Issue- 6 - STUART CUMBERLAND
Julian Bond - Home Video Prediction

Ken Dyne - Chairman of the board
Kennedy - Perfect Design
Kennedy - The Natural Lottery
Kennedy - Thoughts so far
Kurtz - Ghostwriter

Larry Becker - Reflecta-Thot
Larry Becker - Virtuosity
Lebanon Circle - Ghost in the Machine
Lebanon Circle - Psuedo Psycho
Lebanon Circle - The Spirit Cell
Lebanon Circle - The Spirit Cell Spirit Bonus
Ledochowski Igor - Street Hypnosis Mentalism Course Notes
Lenier's Lair - Book Two - Mentalism & Mindreading
Leo Boudreau - Lie to Me
Leo Boudreau - Spirited Pasteboards
Luca Volpe - Horus
Luca Volpe - Impossible Prediction
Luca Volpe - Nephthys
Luca Volpe - The Ultimate Chair Test Routine Act
Luca Volpe - The Ultimate Chair Test Routine Act - Supplement #1
Luke Jermay - 7 Deceptions
Luke Jermay - 49seconds
Luke Jermay-3510
Luke Jermay - A Twisted Palm
Luke Jermay - Bizarre
Luke Jermay - Building Blocks
Luke Jermay - Coral Fang
Luke Jermay - Inkblot Test
Luke Jermay - Leading Reading
Luke Jermay - Real Body Magick
Luke Jermay - Room 101
Luke Jermay - Some New Routines June 2004
Luke Jermay - Telling Tales
Luke Jermay - The 8Th Maneuver
Luke Jermay - Three cheers for the underrated
Luke Jermay - Words

Marc Oberon - 37
Marc Oberon - OddBall
Marc Paul - Fleetwood Notes
Marc Paul - Human Equation
Mark Elsdon - Mentalism Reveals
Mark Strivings - Annemann forthe90's
Mark Strivings - Before the Curtain Rises
Mark Strivings - Constuctive Mentalism (1998)
Mark Strivings - Invisible Brainwave
Mark Strivings - Mental Mix
Mark Strivings - Mobile Mentalism
Mark Strivings - Mobile Mentalism - Volume 2
Mark Strivings - Sight Unseen Case II
Mark Strivings - Silent Partner
Mark Strivings - The Unseen Edition
Mark Strivings - To Pay The Price (1997)
Marko - The Great Eyeless Vision Act
Martin Adams - The gate vol.1
Martin Adams - Travel
Mathieu Bich - Sympathetlnk
Matt Johnson - ACAAN
Maurice Fogel - In Search of the Sensational
Max Maven - Mindvention Again (Nov 2009)
Michael J. Fraughton - The dark waltz
Michael Murray - Between The Lines
Millard Longman - Acidus Novus
Millard Longman - Psychics Skill Worksop

Neal Scryer - Psychics Little Black book
Neal Scryer - Psychics Little White book

Outlaw Effects - Carnie Tarot Booklet

Paolo Cavalli - Into The White
Paolo Cavalli - OLOF
Paolo Cavalli - OOBDRP
Paolo Cavalli - The Watermark Codex
Paolo Cavalli - Upsilon
Pascal de Clermont - CRTTAM Principle
Patrick G. Redford - Consecution
Patrick G. Redford - Ensconsed Fundament
Patrick G. Redford - Glemme
Patrick G. Redford - Heptagon
Patrick G. Redford - Largo
Patrick G. Redford - Mendacity
Patrick G. Redford - Out To Impress
Patrick G. Redford - Prevaricator - The Ultimate Ring of Truth
Patrick G. Redford - Triangle
Paul Alberstat - Phone telepathy
Paul Brook - Alchemical Tools
Paul Brook - Good Vibrations
Paul Brook - On Mephistos Shoulders
Paul Brook - One in the Hand
Paul Brook - Self Service
Paul Brook - The Brook Test
Paul Brook - The Gift - The 14Th Step to Mentalism
Paul Brook - Thought Reader Card
Paul Brook - Underhanded
Paul Carnazzo - Animania
Paul Carnazzo - Test Conditions
Paul Carnazzo - The Unfolding
paul osborne - illusion systems 1
paul osborne - illusion systems 2
paul osborne - illusion systems 3
paul osborne - illusion systems 4
Paul Voodini - Midnight Side of the Mind 1
Paul Voodini - Midnight Side of the Mind
Paul Voodini - Murder Most Foul 
Paul Voodini - Palmreading for Magicians
Paul Voodini - PIMP
Paul Voodini - Psychic Phenomena 
Paul Voodini - Pure Q&A Paul Voodini - Reader of Minds
Paul Voodini - The Midnight Side of the Mind Supplement 1
Paul Voodini - The Midnight Side of the Mind Supplement 2
Paul Voodini - The Psychic Cash Machine
PBB Impromptu Design Duplication
Peter Arcane - ABC to mentalism
Peter Duffie - Mind Blaster 2
Peter Duffie - Mind Blasters
Peter Marucci - Bizarre Magic
Pier Casimir-Mrowczynski - Salem's Cornucopia
Progressive Anagram Software

Recession Prediction System
Richard Webster - Mail Order Psychic
Richard Busch - MEMOrable
Richard Busch - Michaels Expose (1987)
Richard Busch - Number Please
Richard Busch - The Destiny Response
Richard Busch - Untouchable Peek Case
Richard Bush - Instant QA
Richard Mark - Mindwarp
Richard Webster - Astrology For The Psychic Entertainer
Richard Webster - Cashing in on Past Lives
Richard Webster - Cold Reading The Future With Numerology
Richard Webster - Home Psychic Parties for Fun and Profit
Richard Webster - Money-Making Psychic Development Classes
Richard Webster - Pendulum Power
Richard Webster - Psychometry From A To Z
Richard Webster - Quick & Effective Cold Reading
Richard Webster- Cold Reading Variations

Richard Osterlind - Mind Mysteries Guide Book Vol 4 
Rick Maue - Imagine 
Rick Maue - Road
Rick Maue - The Book Of Haunted Magick
Rick Maue - The Final Picture
Rick Maue - The Journey
Rick Maue - The Rick Maue Experience
Rick Maue - Theatrical Deception
Robert A. Nelson - Hellstromism
Robert A Nelson - The Art of Cold Reading
Robert E. Neale - Tricks of the Imagination 
Robert Nelson - Deluxe Club Mind Reading
Robert Nelson - Sequel to The Art of Cold Reading
Roberto Forzoni - Magic Mentalism and Psychology
Ron Martin Palm Readers Notebook
Ron Martin - The Tarot Reader's Notebook

Scott Creasey - BIP book 2.0
Scott Davis - Medium Rare pi
Scott Davis - Medium Rare p2
Scott Grossberg - MindCast
Scott Xavier - 365
Sean Waters - Contemplations
Sean Waters - Ponderings
Stefan Olschewski - Balls
Stefan Olschewski - Messmerize
Stephen Minch - Lovecraftian Ceremonies
Stuart Cassels - Holy Grail Mentalism - ACAAN
Stuart Cumberland - Annemann 666 - Vol 1
Stuart Cumberland - Annemann 666 - Vol 2
Stuart Cumberland - Annemann 666 - Vol 3
Switcher Booklet

Ted Karmilovich - Food For Thought 
Ted Karmilovich - The Mother Of All Book Tests
Ted Karmilovich - Thoughts From Vegas

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